Two. More. Months.

Yesterday was April 10th, which marked exactly two months until I will be at the cairn in Tobermory, marking the northern terminus of the Bruce Trail, taking my first strides of this 895km End to End CF journey. WOW.

It’s hard to believe that time is flying by so quickly, and before I know it, the run will be upon us! I keep plugging away, building up my mileage putting one foot in front of the other, and thankfully the logistics for the run are starting to come together! Our great friends at Outdoors Oriented are huge supporters and have covered my footwear and hydration needs, Dan’s old connections in the cycling world have my recovery nutrition covered, and the donations keep pouring in! I feel extremely blessed to have such supportive people and companies behind me, and I often feel overwhelmed by it all!

Planning and fundraising is coming along well, and we’ve still got lots of exciting things coming up:

Run tee’s – If you’re interested in ordering a performance (moisture wicking) tee [$25], please let me know ASAP! We’ve got them in men’s, women’s and kids, all sizes. They’re super light, and really great quality – perfect for the gym, the trails, sunny days, etc!

Wine lottery – Want a chance to win an instant wine cellar? To enter, pay $10 + 1 bottle of wine – all monetary proceeds go to CF Canada, and the wine bottles go to 4 winners! 1st prize gets 50% of the bottles, 2nd thru 4th divide the remaining 50%! Feel free to enter as many times as you’d like – the more wine, the bigger the prize! See the attached poster below! *If you’re far away, you can always e-transfer the $ and tell me what bottle to buy!

Bottle drive – Stay tuned to social media – in addition to collecting bottles on an ongoing basis, we’ll be holding a bottle drive in May. More details to come!

Run with Em – If you’d like to run with me (from 2km to 42km!) at any point on the trail, we’re starting to iron out our plans, so please let us know now! Email to make arrangements.

Don’t forget, on the last day, July 1st, everyone is welcome to join in the final 7km and run or walk from Fireman’s Park to Queenston Heights! All of you are invited to participate and/or cheer!

Lastly, if you have yet to donate, please click the ‘Donate’ tab to do so. No donation is too big or small – every little bit counts!

With thanks,

E2E Poster - Wine Raffle2


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